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Understanding Fragrance Notes

Posted on January 30, 2019 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)
Knowing how to select a fragrance for yourself or selecting a fragrance for someone else isn't always easy, but I can help guide you. It�??s so useful to understand what makes each scent different, and how to identify the top, middle, and key/base notes that come together to create a fragrance. Keep reading to learn more about fragrance notes, and how knowing your scents can help you make the righ selection. Top notes Top notes are fresh and light and are typically the scent that you notice first. They have an immediate effect on your sense of smell, but will fade throughout the day. As the top note fades, the key/base and bottom notes will begin to take centre stage. Top notes can feature scents like basil, bergamot, lemon, orange, tea tree oil and grapefruit. You can find many of these fresh and citrusy scents in fragrances like Rare Gold. Middle Notes Middle notes make up the majority of a fragrance blend, they are warm and balancing, and are added to complement the key/base notes. As the top note begins to fade, the middle note will start to shine. Middle notes are chosen for their ability to work in harmony with the key/base and top notes and could include scents like lavender, black pepper, pine, geranium, rosemary and juniper. Wild blue lavender is what gives our popular men�??s fragrance, Wild Country, it�??s intoxicating and lasting scent. Key/Base notes Key/base notes are the heart and soul of a fragrance. Most perfumes are built upon the key/base notes, which can feature a single scent or a blend of different oils. Key/base notes are long-lasting and help to boost the staying power of the top and middle notes. Some examples of key/base notes used in Avon Fragrances are sandalwood, rose, vetiver, patchouli, jasmine and cedarwood. You can find these scents in a range of different fragrances from Rare Amethyst to Imari Elixir. Top, middle, and key/base notes come together to make up a unique and enticing fragrance�??and each fragrance blend belongs to a specific fragrance family. There�??s a lot of individuality involved with how a scent reacts to each person and how each person experiences scents.

Avon Flourish

Posted on January 1, 2019 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)
Avon Flourish is coming this Spring. Will you be among the first to try it? Our new fragrance coming in C9. Avon Flourish is a joyful floral inspired by women who help you flourish. The scent features layers of florals: Top note �?? luscious apple blossom Mid note �?? sparkling honeysuckle Bottom note �?? soft vanilla orchid


Posted on December 28, 2018 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (0)
Experience the rich possibilities of Velvet Are you ready to indulge in the soft sensuality of Velvet? Let your feelings unfold with our latest, and most luxurious fragrance ever. Velvet is lush, warm, decadent and the inspiration behind the hottest trends of fall. This sophisticated, yet sensuous, new fragrance features a luxurious blend of luscious fig, sumptuous rose, and warm patchouli. Our crush on Velvet doesn�??t stop with fragrance ... the Velvet Crush A-box features full sizes make up essentials for a drop-dead gorgeous fall look. Think velvety matte red lips that turn heads every time, dark liner to accentuate the eyes and elegant stud earrings to create drama with any look. From cocktail sophisticate to casual chic, this A-Box compliments the fragrance perfectly. Get head-to-toe glam and complete the look with the luxurious Velvet Gala Dress, Velvet Off-the-Shoulder Blouse, Velvet Choker with Luxe Look of Garnet Charm and matching ring. Pair with the Velvet Bow Slides with Cushion Walk Heel and prepare to fall in love with fall�??s most decadent trend.

Where to apply your perfume?

Posted on June 3, 2017 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)
Do you know the key points to apply your perfume? Spray a little in your hair, behind your ears, collarbone, belly button, inside elbows, wrist, behind your knees and your ankles. Try them for yourself and leave a comment on what you noticed.